Double Dapapod

Our most popular booth to date, the Double Pod is ideal for a meeting room, with space for two people to have a quiet, relaxed meeting away from the noise of a busy office. Disturbances to meetings are distracting, so to avoid the multiple interruptions that frequently happen our noise cancelling booth conveniently provides the perfect solution to this problem. In addition to this, we also offer full customisation on our pods here.

Meeting Pods and Office Booths, But Bigger.

More room than our Single Pods, with Acoustic interiors, our double pod creates a much more comfortable and inviting space than a normal meeting room. This makes it considerably easier for workers to collaborate without disturbance, allowing them to feel more comfortable sharing ideas and having discussions, without the worry that people are listening in.
Studies show that sound privacy is a major cause of dissatisfaction for workers in an open plan office, so with a new resimerical layout using our work booths you can reconfigure you workspace for the post-pandemic era. A more cost-effective and flexible answer than building new walls, the double pod is a simple and effective way of creating an exceptionally acoustic private focus area. To see our work pods in action, refer to our Instagram.

Meeting Room Pods Designed to Guarantee Privacy.

We use a white laminate for the surround and an 18mm Birch Certified Forest managed timber for the face, a stylish and modern choice of material that allows our work booths to easily integrate into any office milieu. The seating is fitted with acoustic foam which extends across the ceiling and down the facing wall of the pod for both density and superior soundproofing.  Choose any fabric from our swatch for our luxury fire-retardant foam seating, surround and back wall, which all conform to aBS5852 Crib 5 fire rating standards and are severe usage abrasion tested for thorough commercial use.

Acoustic Glass
With a 35db sound reduction
Modular Design
Fabricated from natural materials
Customisable Fabrics
From the camira x-treme range