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The New Soundproof Dapapod

Transform your workspace with Dapapod’s  office pods. Experience  comfort and privacy with our customisable, soundproof solutions, all delivered within 3 weeks in the UK. Enjoy high-quality pods built and installed by our in-house teams, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

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    All Dapapods are manufactured from 100% sustainable birch ply from FSC-accredited sources. The abundance and speed of growth of Birch trees means that it causes minimal devastation or destruction of biodiversity when they are cut down, making Birch plywood a sustainable choice that has little impact on the environment.


    Rigorous acoustic testing to ensure privacy and performance. We use 45mm thick reconstituted foam in our pods. Reconstituted foam is a unique foam type that is made up of pieces of leftover polyurethane foam that have been compacted and bonded together. The end result is a resilient and firm product with a long life span along with ideal acoustic qualities.


    Oceanic is a fabric born of the SEAQUAL Initiative designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. It is created entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic - from debris floating discarded in our seas, used to make SEAQUAL yarn, to bottles thrown away and destined for landfill. One small drop in the mission to clean both the earth and its ocean, this contemporary fabric is a recycled polyester with a purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is delivery?

Delivery and installation across the UK start at a minimum of £400.00. For distances beyond 85 miles from our base in WD25 8DD, we charge £2.90 per mile. Within the M25 area, we offer a fixed installation fee of £350.00. Delivery is typically completed within 3 weeks and installation is performed by our own skilled technicians to ensure the highest quality service.

How are office pods and installed?

Office pods from Dapapod are delivered and installed with a focus on ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our customers. Our experienced technicians handle the installation of Dapapods, ensuring that the process is carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. Installation typically takes just a few hours, minimising disruption to your workspace. Dapapods are designed to be modular and flexible, making them easy to move and reconfigure within your office space as needed. Throughout the delivery and installation process, our team is available to provide support and answer any questions you may have. We are committed to ensuring that your experience with Dapapod is seamless and meets your expectations.

Are Dapapods soundproof?

Yes, our pods are designed to offer superior soundproofing. They feature acoustic foam and other sound-absorbing materials to ensure a quiet and productive workspace.

Soundproof pods have emerged as a game-changer in modern workspaces, revolutionising the way we approach productivity and well-being. These innovative and versatile solutions offer a range of benefits that positively impact the workspace environment, fostering focus, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.

What makes Dapapod office pods unique?

Dapapods are crafted with a design-patented cubic structure that combines privacy with a visually stimulating and multifunctional booth. They are designed to reduce the hum of a noisy office environment, providing a private and intimate workspace for individuals or groups. Our pods come in various designs, from single-seat Zoom booths to larger configurations seating up to eight, ensuring they can adapt to any modern office space.

Dapapods are designed to be highly customisable, offering a range of options to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, graphics, and laminates to match your office décor or corporate branding. Whether you require a single-seat Zoom booth for focused work, a private two-seated meeting pod, or larger configurations seating four, six, or eight people, our modular system can be tailored to fit your space perfectly. We also offer customisation options for corporate branding, allowing you to integrate your logos, colours, and graphics into the design. Additional features such as integrated power outlets, lighting options, and enhanced acoustic treatments can be added to further optimise the functionality of the pods.


Lightweight & Moveable

Dapapods provide the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and spatial requirements within the office. They can be easily repositioned, allowing for quick adjustments to accommodate evolving work dynamics, team configurations, or office layout changes, ensuring that the workspace remains agile and can be optimised for different purposes and activities.

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