Quad Dapapod

Our modular, geometric design extends to our largest pod – the Quad Pod. This can be used to hold meetings, zoom calls, phone calls, as a workstation or a lunch meeting point, it has a multitude of uses. With a large table, mains and USB outlets and seating to fit four people, the quad pod is leading the way in rethinking commercial and residential workspaces. Amongst the trend in resimercial design during recent years, the quad pod combines all the key features to create an engaging and flexible solution for contemporary office space.  With comfortable seating, durable upholstery, soft ambient lighting and well-ventilated air circulation the quad booth accommodates a place of comfort and conversation with space for double the people our Double Pods offer. If you require more space, we also offer and design 6 seater and 8 seater office pods.

Work Booths and Modular Pods with More in Mind.

To adapt to the shift of the changing modern workforce, forward-thinking companies are increasingly developing offices with residential sensibility in mind. This is where our pods come in, since they provide an affordable and attractive solution for companies where workers can have more meaningful interactions at a higher productivity rate. To see real world examples of our office pods in action, view our Instagram.

Acoustic Glass
With a 35db sound reduction
Modular Design
Fabricated from natural materials
Customisable Fabrics
From the camira x-treme range