Turning Space into a Place

About Dapapod and our Work pods, meeting booths and office pods.

At Dapapod we recognised that a modern and functional office pod solved the demand for new dynamic work spaces within the office environment. We set about creating a space for people that allows them to escape the humdrum of an open plan office and enjoy a private and intimate workstation to use as a casual meeting point, to take phone calls, to read in peace or host a variety of other activities. In doing so, we also wanted to integrate the work booth into the office backdrop to compliment it rather than become an obtrusive, distractive feature.

Our range of office pods budded from this idea, so today we manufacture a series of soundproof work booths that provide high quality meeting spaces within any environment. The clean, modernist design of our patented pods creates an immediate impact as a statement piece, acting as a practical sculpture.

Made for you

Why would you buy our soundproof pods?

Each Dapapod is handmade in the UK from sustainable materials.

The combined use of customers being able to take comfort within the Dapapod as well as visually enlivening the environment, allows it to be a perfect piece of furniture for any company looking to induce productivity and worker satisfaction. Research shows small distractions, such as noisy phone calls or constant interruptions, can threaten your work output since it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task. Therefore, through necessity and demand, the work booth is becoming increasingly popular as it offers an easily accessible and innovative solution for professionals who want the flexibility to choose where they work.

Evident from our customer testimonials and repeat orders, our office pods are providing a third space revolution with the highest price-performance ratio at a cost-effective price. The Dapapod is a quality item of engineered furniture and is a registered trademark, so you can ensure you are buying a genuine item which is batch numbered, registered on manufacture and checked for standard. We collaborate with you to ensure full customisable control and work with you to meet the demands of your office requirements. Unlike other pod companies, our installation time is efficiently quick and quiet, with our skilful team of professional installers who make sure you are happy every step of the way, we also utilise ex-display office pods to offer a cheaper opportunity to improve your office with the numerous benefits that a Dapapod provides.

Privacy in its simplest form.

One of the prime benefits of our Pods is they are made of a durable yet lightweight Birch timber, so if a redesign were to take place, they are easy to move around. We can also attach wheels, which makes for an even easier option of accessibility to meet any changing workplace needs. All of our work pods are fully customisable to meet your exact needs and requirements.