Turning Space into a Place

As versatile as your business.

At Dapapod we design and manufacture our own products after extensive R&D, testing and prototyping. We can produce  Dapapods to widths to suit your requirements with endless options for graphics, upholstery and exterior finish.

Made for you
Stylish modern furniture options

Each Dapapod is handmade in the UK from sustainable materials.

The Dapapod is an exclusive piece of furniture that is  multifunctional and graphically stimulating. By utilising a cubic structure, the Dapapod forms an intimate space, seating two people and including a table, developing a place of privacy as well as connectivity.

Because of its unique configuration, the Dapapod may be used as a workstation, casual meeting point, reading place, eating spot or host a variety of other activities, working best when configured to draw attention to a collaborative space, making the most of a lobby or break out area.

Dapapods are upholstered to perform as soft seating,  fabricated from natural materials with a silhouette that creates immediate impact as a statement piece, acting as a practical sculpture.

The combined use of customers being able to take comfort within the Dapapod as well as visually enlivening an  environment, allows it to be a perfect piece of furniture for any company looking to modernise their workspace and create an engaging environment to induce productivity.

Privacy in its simplest form

The Dapapod is a quality item of engineered furniture and is a registered trademark, so you can ensure you are buying a genuine item which is batch numbered, registered on manufacture and checked for standard.