Single Dapapod

Our Single Pod offers the perfect retreat for any individual wanting a personal and quiet space. Be it taking a telephone call, holding a zoom meeting, or for a place to read with library-like silence, all these demands are answered within seconds. Our simple design of rounded elliptical chairs is both extremely comfortable and ergonomically correct, so you can sit for hours in a relaxing position to effectively maximise productivity. A triumph in furniture craftsmanship, our single pods combine a fresh and innovative design with multi-faceted functionality to create a product our customers are delighted with.

Work Pods and Office Pods Built to Last.

We use a white laminate for the surround and an 18mm Birch Certified Forest managed timber for the face, a stylish and modern choice of material that allows our work booths to easily integrate into any office milieu. The seating is fitted with acoustic foam which extends across the ceiling and down the facing wall of the pod for both density and superior soundproofing.  Choose any fabric from our swatch for our luxury fire-retardant foam seating, surround and back wall, which all conform to aBS5852 Crib 5 fire rating standards and are severe usage abrasion tested for thorough commercial use. See some design examples in our gallery.

Sound Proof Office Booths Designed with Comfort and Productivity in Mind.

One of our best-selling products, the single office booth offers optimal conditions for productivity as well as an ergonomic design of both space and furniture. With clean-controlled air from our ventilation fans, workers are protected from an infectious and stuffy environment to have a positive and flexible work experience. In addition to this, we also offer full customisation on our pods here.

The pod is fitted with one single LED light and now has a standard integral ceiling mounted fan, bringing air inside the pod from its surrounding to create a properly ventilated airy environment. The light is centrally located in the ceiling, controlled with a single switch on the front facing side of the pod next to a separate switch for the fan. A single 240V 3 pin UK plug socket along with two USB charging sockets are situated within easy reach just above the working desktop.

The doors are timber framed with 6.8mm acoustic glass inserts, polished chrome hinges and a D profile handle, with magnets hidden for the door closure. Rear walls are also available and can be upholstered in your choice fabric or any flat colour, or alternatively you can have a rear acoustic glass wall. We can also provide dry wipe panels and T.V/Monitors. The dimensions of the single seat pod are: 210cm high by 135cm wide by 70cm deep. The desk is 70cm long by 50cm wide. To see real world examples of our office pods in action, view our Instagram.

Acoustic Glass
With a 35db sound reduction
Modular Design
Fabricated from natural materials
Customisable Fabrics
From the camira x-treme range