How long is delivery?

Delivery and installation across the UK start at a minimum of £400.00. For distances beyond 85 miles from our base in WD25 8DD, we charge £3.80 per mile. Within the M25 area, we offer a fixed installation fee of £350.00. Delivery is typically completed within 3 weeks from the order date. Delivery is charged per van, and installation is performed by our own skilled technicians to ensure the highest quality service.

What are the benefits of an office pod?

Office pods offer a range of benefits that address modern workplace challenges. They provide privacy, shielding individuals or small groups from distractions and interruptions, which is particularly valuable in open-plan settings. Pods support concentration and focus, fostering a productive work environment. Their flexibility allows for easy reconfiguration to suit changing office layouts and needs. Additionally, they facilitate collaboration and small group meetings, while offering comfort with features like comfortable seating and good lighting. They also contribute to managing office acoustics, helping to reduce noise and create a quieter, more conducive work environment overall.

How are office pods delivered and installed?

Office pods from Dapapod are delivered and installed with a focus on ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our customers. Our experienced technicians handle the installation of Dapapods, ensuring that the process is carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. Installation typically takes just a few hours, minimising disruption to your workspace. Dapapods are designed to be modular and flexible, making them easy to move and reconfigure within your office space as needed. Throughout the delivery and installation process, our team is available to provide support and answer any questions you may have. We are committed to ensuring that your experience with Dapapod is seamless and meets your expectations.

How customisable are the Dapapods?

Dapapods are designed to be highly customisable, offering a range of options to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, graphics, and laminates to match your office décor or corporate branding. Whether you require a single-seat Zoom booth for focused work, a private two-seated meeting pod, or larger configurations seating four, six, or eight people, our modular system can be tailored to fit your space perfectly. We also offer customisation options for corporate branding, allowing you to integrate your logos, colours, and graphics into the design. Additional features such as integrated power outlets, lighting options, and enhanced acoustic treatments can be added to further optimise the functionality of the pods.

At Dapapod, we prioritise sustainability and offer environmentally friendly options. Our Quest fabric from Camira, made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic, and timbers sourced from sustainable, FSC-accredited suppliers are just a few examples. Our pods are designed for easy installation and flexibility within your office environment. We provide delivery and installation services across the UK, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the customisation process, ensuring that your Dapapods not only meet but exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss how we can customise Dapapods to enhance your workspace.

Are Dapapods soundproof?

Yes, our pods are designed to offer superior soundproofing. They feature acoustic foam and other sound-absorbing materials to ensure a quiet and productive workspace.

Soundproof pods have emerged as a game-changer in modern workspaces, revolutionising the way we approach productivity and well-being. These innovative and versatile solutions offer a range of benefits that positively impact the workspace environment, fostering focus, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.

What are the dimensions our office pods?

Single Pod: 210cm high x 125cm wide x 70cm deep
Double Pod: 210cm high x 210cm wide x 70cm deep
Quad Pod: 210cm high x 210cm wide x 140cm deep

Additionally, we provide bespoke 6 and even 8-seater pods, which are designed to accommodate larger groups. Our 6-seater pods are crafted with acoustic considerations and can be customised with various finishes, fabrics, and additional features to suit your office's aesthetic and functional requirements. Similarly, our 8-seater pods offer ample space for team meetings or interactive discussions, ensuring a productive and comfortable environment.

Do office pods come with any technology features?

Dapapods are equipped with various technology features designed to enhance functionality and meet modern office needs. Integrated power outlets can be fitted within the pods, providing convenient access to electricity for charging laptops, phones, and other electronic devices. This feature ensures that users can stay connected and productive without needing to leave the pod. Additionally, our pods offer optional lighting solutions, including LED lighting, which can be integrated to provide ample illumination for reading, writing, or video conferencing, depending on the pod's purpose.

Can I see examples of office pods in use?

To test the quality of a Dapapod yourself, come and visit our new London showroom in Old Street. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to accommodate your visit. Our Pods have repeatedly proven to lead to higher employee satisfaction since they provide an immediate, convenient and private workspace in loud offices. This means fewer distractions, higher productivity and thus more effective periods of concentration.

What makes Dapapod office pods unique?

Dapapods are crafted with a design-patented cubic structure that combines privacy with a visually stimulating and multifunctional booth. They are designed to reduce the hum of a noisy office environment, providing a private and intimate workspace for individuals or groups. Our pods come in various designs, from single-seat Zoom booths to larger configurations seating up to eight, ensuring they can adapt to any modern office space.


Our Mission

One of the prime benefits of our Pods is they are made of a durable yet lightweight Birch timber, so if a redesign were to take place, they are easy to move around. We can also attach wheels, which makes for an even easier option of accessibility to meet any changing workplace needs. All of our work pods are fully customisable to meet your exact needs and requirements.