About Us

At Dapapod we recognised that a modern and functional office pod solved the demand for new dynamic work spaces within the office environment. We set about creating a space for people that allows them to escape the humdrum of an open plan office and enjoy a private and intimate workstation to use as a casual meeting point, to take phone calls, to read in peace or host a variety of other activities.

  • The Inception of Dapapod

    In 2017, Dapapod was founded with a vision to create innovative and functional workspaces that address the need for privacy and productivity in modern offices.

  • Adapting to Change

    As the global landscape shifted in 2020, we recognised the growing demand for flexible and adaptable workspaces. In response, we expanded our product range to include double and quad pods, catering to the needs of remote teams and hybrid work environments.

  • Embracing Sustainability

    In 2021, we took a significant step towards sustainability by partnering with Camira Fabrics to upholster our pods with Quest fabric. This fabric, made from recycled ocean plastic, not only enhanced the aesthetic and durability of our pods but also underscored our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our pods now feature certified timber, ensuring both quality and eco-friendliness.


Innovation and Customisation

Today, Dapapod continues to innovate, offering fully customisable pods to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our in-house team works tirelessly to refine our designs, ensuring that each pod is built to the highest standards of quality and functionality.


Elevate Your Workspace Today

High-Quality Construction: Timber-framed doors with 6.8mm acoustic glass inserts, polished chrome hinges, and D-profile handles ensure durability and functionality.

Integrated Lighting and Ventilation: Single LED light and integral ceiling-mounted fan provide well-lit and properly ventilated workspace, enhancing productivity and comfort.

Our Pods